My name is Melina Rizopoulou, I am a movement educator/researcher, artist, dance & performance coach. I am also certified energy healer.

I offer dance lessons & coaching, performance coaching, and BioEnergetic workshops.

I work with individuals and groups.

I am based in Vienna but I I frequently work abroad as well as online

I help my students to reach their maximum potential through the power of somatic awareness.


A Mindful Approach to Dance and Performance Coaching

Work with me

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Melina is a highly accomplished and culturally diverse dance educator and movement researcher. Born in Ethiopia and having traveled to different parts of the world with her family at a young age, Melina was introduced to various cultures and traditional dances, which later influenced her teaching. She obtained her degree in dance pedagogy from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Arts and is also certified in Energetic Healing and Coaching. Melina has studied and mastered various dance styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, salsa, and Greek folk dances. As a dance teacher and choreographer, she is passionate about inspiring her students to find freedom and joy in dance and creating an environment where they can grow both physically and emotionally.

Melina founded the Dance Centre of the Municipality in Heraklion, Crete (Greece), with the goal of making dance accessible and affordable for all children and adults in the region. She played a crucial role in its establishment and success, and the Centre became a prominent cultural hub in the region.

In 2016, Melina began her journey in the field of movement research, where she developed bioenergetic dance. This movement-based method helps individuals gain self-awareness and achieve self-healing through meditation and expressive means. In 2019, she showcased her creativity and innovation by creating the "EL GRECO danceout paintings" as part of the Heraklion Cultural Office's EL GRECO exhibition at St. Marcus Gallery.

The year 2019 also marked a pivotal moment for Melina as she navigated the painful loss of her father. Driven by a deep sense of purpose and a desire to effect change, she made the brave decision to leave behind her decade-long career as a dance teacher and pursue a new path of self-discovery and enlightenment. In the months that followed, she embarked on a journey that took her across continents and introduced her to a wealth of new experiences and cultures, from New York's Broadway Dance Center to London, Spain, and France. Despite the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Melina made the most of the confinement period by observing, reflecting, and conducting further research into the art of movement.

Melina's multicultural background, passion for dance, and commitment to personal and professional growth make her a stand-out dance coach and performance coach. She employs playful, creative, and artistic methods in her teachings, benefitting all her students. Melina aims to create a safe and supportive environment for her students to discover their unique abilities and reach their full potential in dance and life.

dance coaching

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Dance coaching helps dancers to develop and hone their skills, providing guidance on technique, performance, choreography, and more. The importance of dance coaching cannot be overstated, as it can make all the difference in the success and growth of a dancer's career A dance coach is not just a teacher but also a mentor who understands the unique challenges and aspirations of each individual dancer.

Performance Coaching

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it is a valuable tool. Performance coaching can benefit individuals in a wide range of fields, including sports, business, and the arts. The guidance and support provided by a performance coach can make a significant difference in helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve success

Bio-energetic dance

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Bioenergetic Dance is a potent approach that integrates movement, breathwork, and energetic awareness to enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It is rooted in the principles of bioenergetics, an approach that underscores the link between the mind and body. It is a meaningful and advantageous practice that can contribute to improved physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

What I Do

Dance coach

  • create a safe and supportive learning environment for dancers to receive constructive feedback and grow as performers.
  • I encourage my students to reach their full potential.
  • I inspire my students to exceed their own expectations.
  • improve technique based on individual needs
  • support individual goal achievements

performance coach

  • gain a deeper understanding of their own behaviors and attitudes.
  • learn to set goals.
  • acquire the skills necessary to achieve their goals.
  • improve their communication and leadership skills.
  • develop resilience.
  • manage stress.
  • emotional intelligence improvement

  • release blocked energy, release tension, and increase their self-awareness.
  • connect with their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop greater self-confidence.
  • improve their mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • helps recovering from trauma
  • provide a safe and supportive space for healing and growth.

Bioenergetic Dance

Dance Through Burnout to Boundless Creativity

Dance, Transform, Triumph

Are you a dancer or dance teacher feeling lost, overwhelmed, and burnt out?

In the world of artistry, where passion meets perfectionism, it's easy to lose yourself in the pursuit of excellence. The stage lights may shine brilliantly, but behind the scenes, the struggle can be all-consuming. We understand.

Our course is more than just a lifeline; it's a journey back to your true self. We're here to help you reclaim your passion, reignite your creativity, and rediscover the joy that brought you to dance in the first place.

It is a recovery journey not just your body, but your mind and soul. Let's rewrite your story together, crafting an empowering mindset

Step into the spotlight of your own life.

We'll choreograph a new path that leads away from burnout, toward a life filled with limitless creativity, vibrant artistry, and an unwavering passion for dance.

Overcome Burnout

"Imagine dancing your heart out on that stage, pouring your soul into every move, only to find yourself drowning in exhaustion and burnout. I've been right where you are – the crushing pressure, the unrelenting demands, and the dreams that seem just out of reach.

But I didn't stay stuck. I fought my way back, and now I'm here to guide you.

I'm a fellow dancer who's battled burnout and emerged stronger.

I've blended the power of dance, bioenergetic coaching, and the wisdom of energetic psychology into a unique toolkit, and I'm ready to share it all with you.

Together, we'll not only help you recover from burnout but also build a resilient mindset that shields you from its grip.

My own journey led me to become a qualified coach and I've used all skills to uplift artists like you.

We'll choreograph a new path that leads away from burnout, toward a life filled with limitless creativity, vibrant artistry, and an unwavering passion for dance.

So, will you join me on this transformative journey? Together, we'll dance through adversity, towards a future brimming with artistic vitality and unshakable resilience."